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Providing innovative financial solutions to increase market share.
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About Us

We love disruption.

We study market patterns and look at how the world is operating within it and apply multi-dimensional financial techniques to improve the process for all involved.

Our team has 25 years of experience monetizing over $10 billion of illiquid assets.

Using that knowledge, experience and access to capital MarketshareIQ has now developed a method to provide innovative financial solutions for companies with recurring revenue models to accelerate market acquisition within the Fortune 1,000.




With increased competition and rapid market changes, innovative companies often face an increasingly longer and complex sales cycle.

Blow out the competition by providing a SavingsAdvance™ – a guarantee of all the savings upfront in cash (ours, not yours) and show them how confident you are in your solution.


PROBLEM: You have an existing sales pipeline with a long sales process in a competitive market. You’ve reviewed the details meticulously and are confident that you can produce significant savings, if contracted. However, getting the customer to execute has proven to be a challenge.

SavingsAdvanceTM Process:

  1. Study and model savings potential for large deals in pipeline
  2. Create offers with upfront capital to a potential customer
  3. Offer the customer new contract with up-front cash guaranteed savings
  4. Execute on contract and retain large customer with a longer-term contract

The opportunity to acquire large amounts of accretive revenue, profits, and enterprise value through our methodology can significantly improve internal matrices.

Private Equity Funds:  Rapidly accelerate revenue and EBITDA growth for select portfolio companies. Find new acquisitions without any additional capital outlay. For the long term, find deal sourcing opportunities and structure these deals based on the acquisition “behind the scenes” of a long-term contract.

Venture Capital Funds: Accelerate growth for new innovations that are not receiving the attention they deserve by guaranteeing the results with a cash rebate.

Large Limited Partnerships: Pension funds, insurance companies and others can tap into yield opportunities that are low-risk and provide steady fixed returns.

Investment Banks: Investment bankers can generate more revenue by increasing overall deal value created by securing new long-term contracts.


In their groundbreaking work, Blue Ocean Strategy,  INSEAD Professors W. Chan Kim and Renee Mauborgne, outline their strategy on how companies innovate and succeed. Instead of battling competitors, the authors suggest that firms create “blue oceans” of uncontested market space. The traditional “red ocean strategy,” they argue, focuses on a business approach that emphasizes military-like competition. A “blue ocean strategy” aligns innovation by unlocking new demand making the competition irrelevant.

We have created a vast blue ocean –  interested in exploring  it with us?

MarketShareIQ promises to change the nature of markets.  We are searching for entrepreneurially minded executives with high-level contacts and specific industry experience.  Ideal candidates will have spent years in the C-suite of Fortune 1000 companies or similar institutions, have an active professional network and strong relationships within their respective industry.

Compensation is based on a residual equity and profit sharing formula.

For more information please enter your information here and one of our team members will contact you.


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